We’ve all been there. Something happens that we don’t expect, and now we need to fix a problem that we never expected. In dental care, we have helped many people deal with these situations. If you live in or near Bingham Farms, MI, we welcome you to take advantage of our restorative dentistry to get your smile back.

Take Care Of Tooth Decay

Most people have cavities at one time or another. The good news is that they can be treated simply and easily with a tooth-colored filling.

Fix Broken & Cracked Teeth

You can be enjoyed a meal and bite into the wrong thing or you can have an accident that injures a tooth. A dental crown can repair your tooth and your smile.

Replace What You’ve Lost

Whether you are missing one or several teeth, we have ways to rebuild your complete smile. Dental implants provide a solid foundation to support dental restorations so you can eat and smile with confidence again.

Our team at Groth Dental wants you to enjoy a healthy, happy smile for many years to come. Call 248-885-8247 or contact us online form to get the benefits of our restorative dental care.