You may not have dental insurance where you work, but even if you do, you may want to consider our dental membership plan. Here are a few reasons why you should.

Preventive Care is Covered

Active members receive two professional cleanings and exams each year, one emergency exam, and a set of X-rays annually. You also receive fluoride varnish treatments to provide added protection against tooth decay.

Save on Other Services

In addition to routine treatment, you can save 15 percent on restorative dentistry and 5 percent on comprehensive dentistry.

Avoid Arguments With an Insurance Company

While we work well with many insurance providers, we also know that payments can sometimes become complicated for patients. With a Groth Dental membership plan, you know going in what is covered. You also don’t have to worry about deductibles, claims forms, or coverage limits.

Get Care From a Great Team

By joining our plan, you also become a patient at Groth Dental. Here, you can count on personal care from our amazing team of dental professionals.

What are you waiting for? Join today. Then, call 248-885-8247 or fill out our schedule online to request an appointment at Groth Dental in Bingham Farms, MI.