You have a broken tooth. It doesn’t really hurt (for now). You can still eat what you want mostly, and it’s not really interfering with how you speak.

You are a little self-conscious about your smile, but otherwise, you aren’t sure if you should get a crown.

The reality is that you should. It’s also better to get your dental crown sooner than later. 

Keep reading to learn why.

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What Could Happen

Even if your broken tooth isn’t bothering you now, it presents an opportunity for harmful bacteria. The break likely exposes the dentin of that tooth. This is a softer layer found underneath the enamel. Bacteria can create cavities sooner, and reach the pulp chamber of your tooth faster if they don’t have to contend with your enamel first.

In time, this can lead to a painful tooth infection, which could put your tooth at risk. To fix it, you are likely to need a root canal. If you allow the infection to get worse, your tooth may not be salvageable. Then you are looking at a tooth removal and replacement.

Likewise, the longer the infection lingers in your mouth, the more likely it is to spread to other teeth.

There is an old saying about fixing your roof when it’s sunny outside. You also want to fix your broken tooth before it turns into something more painful and problematic.

Know Your Options

As we mentioned above, you don’t have to get a dental crown right away. However, you run a risk of greater problems if you delay your restorative care.

As the pain gets worse, you may not be able to bite or chew with the damaged tooth. You may notice issues with your breath if bacteria grow in places that can’t be cleaned with your toothbrush.

And you may become more and more uncomfortable as your situation gets worse.

We understand that getting a crown isn’t cheap, but it is a less expensive and less invasive alternative to other solutions.

A root canal requires removing infected tissue from your tooth, filling it with a special material, and then capping that tooth — often with a crown. Removing and replacing a tooth, while effective, is more expensive than getting a crown. Furthermore, it’s unnecessary if you take charge of your situation and repair your tooth as soon as possible.

Retake Control of Your Healthy Smile

You are in charge of your oral health. You can fix what’s wrong and restore your smile and the function of your tooth. By getting a dental crown in Bingham Farms, MI, you can spare yourself additional problems. 

If you have concerns about the cost of your treatment, we are happy to help with that, too. We accept a variety of payment options. We work with a number of dental insurance providers. You also have the option of financing your service through CareCredit.

Last, but not least, you can sign up for our membership plan. This comes with a discount on restorative care. It also gives you a reasonable way to cover your preventive care to maintain your oral health.

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