Membership plans can help you save money on activities like going to the gym or shopping for bargains. Now you can add going to the dentist to the list! To keep your family’s care affordable while encouraging regular exams and cleanings, Groth Dental offers a membership plan for children, adults, and adult periodontal patients. 

Pay a low annual premium and you’ll get:

  • Two exams a year
  • Two cleanings a year (four for periodontal patients)
  • One emergency exam
  • Cavity-detecting X-rays
  • Two fluoride varnish treatments
  • 15% off restorative dentistry
  • 5% off comprehensive dentistry

You’ll also never have to worry about insurance hassles like deductibles and yearly maximums.

For more information on affordable care through our membership plan or to make an appointment in Bingham Farms, MI, call us today at 248-885-8247.

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