Time is running out in 2020. We are positive many people will see that as a good thing. Nevertheless, there is something you should do before the end of the year. You should schedule a dental cleaning and exam at Groth Dental.

This is true for nearly everyone who hasn’t had a checkup in the past six months, but it’s particularly important for people who have dental insurance. Don’t wait to make your appointment before 2021 arrives.

Benefits Expire

We are in-network for Delta Dental and accept a number of insurance companies. We appreciate the benefits that come with many of these policies and plans. In general, they are set up to encourage preventive care, which we think is a good thing. After all, if you can avoid small problems, then you are less likely to experience big ones in the future.

Under many plans, those benefits expire at the end of a calendar year. In other words, we want you to save your smile without losing your benefits. After all, you have been paying premiums to get those benefits all year. Take advantage of the services you deserve.

What If You Don’t Have Insurance?

We also know that dental insurance isn’t offered by every employer. We think you will be happy to know that we offer a variety of payment options at our practice. In addition to cash, checks, and credit cards, you can take advantage of financing options from CareCredit and Payment Portal.

For long-term planning, we welcome you to sign up for our in-house membership plan. For a small fee, you can get a number of services annually. Our plans include two professional cleanings and exams, one emergency exam, and one set of bitewing radiographs (X-rays). You also can receive two fluoride varnish treatments to strengthen your teeth.

Patients with chronic gum problems may prefer our periodontal plan. This includes four periodontal maintenance visits and an oral cancer screening.

As a member, you also are eligible for 15 percent office restorative services and 5 percent off comprehensive dental care.
Our goal is to remove cost as a hindrance to a healthy smile.

Be Proactive About Your Smile

Regardless of where you may be today, it’s better to take control of your oral health. The American Dental Association has some strong recommendations for you and your loved ones to follow.

First, brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes at a time. Place a pea-sized squeeze of toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then scrub your teeth on all sides.

Second, floss once per day. Even if you do a great job brushing, your toothbrush isn’t as effective at removing debris from between your teeth and gums. Flossing can do this for you.

Last, but not least, come in for regular dental checkups. Professional cleanings and exams can take away plaque and tartar buildup and give us a chance to spot decay and gum disease in the early stages.

Don’t wait any longer to play your next dental visit. Call 248-885-8247 or fill out our online form to request an appointment at Groth Dental in Bingham Farms, MI.