In a perfect world, you would have a perfect smile for the rest of your life. In the real world, problems happen. Along with addition to normal wear and tear, your teeth can be damaged by injuries, accidents, and other issues.

When that happen, turn to Groth Dental for restorative dentistry in Bingham Farms, MI. It can help you and your smile in assorted ways.

1. Replace Missing Teeth

Whether you need to replace one tooth or an entire row, you can. We have dentures and dental implants to rebuild your complete smile and restore the function of your lost teeth.

2. End Your Toothache

When your tooth hurts, you have a problem. A tooth infection is not going to go away on its own. If anything, it will spread to other teeth, compounding your problem. By getting a root canal, you can stop the pain, save your tooth, and fix it.

3. Fix Your Broken Tooth

Those accidents we mentioned early can cause broken teeth. They also can cause cracked teeth. In either instance, a dental crown can repair your tooth, so it looks and feels as good as new.

4. Take Care of Tooth Decay

If you’ve never had a cavity, keep doing what you are doing. Just be aware, that you are more than likely to have one at some point, When that happens, get a dental filling. Modern fillings protect your teeth and look like a natural part of your smile.

Get the benefits of restorative dentistry from us! Call 248-885-8247 or fill out our schedule online to request an appointment at Groth Dental in Bingham Farms, MI.